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Launching a Career in Grand Scale

Meet Valeria Plasencia! Valeria joined our team through our pilot internship program where LaunchPoint was able to connect her with ScaleTime, our first host company. Since joining us in June, Valeria has been able to grow and learn valuable insights from both the LaunchPoint team and the team at Scale Time.

As a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, I was happy to have come across LaunchPoint this past summer. LaunchPoint is a non-profit organization that aims to create meaningful internship opportunities to support underrepresented students’ careers. As an avid reader and writer, I was looking to expand my writing skills and get an insight into the marketing field and grow professionally. I was very excited to interview and receive a position with ScaleTime as a Blog/SEO Writer.

ScaleTime is an organization whose mission is to scale agencies and help them grow. In my role, I was responsible for creating briefs for the blogs available on their website under six pillars: Client Onboarding, Project Management, Client Management, Hiring/Onboarding, Sales Process, and Agency Growth. This process involved using SEO tools to identify keywords in order to increase traffic and write a comprehensive outline. It was also fun to be creative and come up with titles and headings on my own that matched the blog’s tone. The biggest challenge and learning experience for me was writing the outline for each blog since these were new topics to me. However, I always made sure to communicate any questions to my supervisors and look for resources that could help me. As a result, I successfully completed more than 10 briefs.

My favorite project was getting to write my own blog!!!! This was very exciting and also difficult because it required me to learn about a brand new topic: scope creep. In order to accomplish this task, I also studied the organization’s tone to assure I was staying within their brand guidelines. It is safe to say that the blog was a success and my supervisor was impressed by my work. In fact, it achieved an SEO score of 91 and got published on ScaleTime’s website. It was very exciting to see the outcome of the new skills I had acquired. I was also grateful to receive mentorship from both LaunchPoint and ScaleTime. Ittai and Kelle were extremely helpful in giving me additional digital marketing workshops that introduced me to significant tools in the field. In addition, I accessed ScaleTime trainings and increased my knowledge in the topics I was learning. Diana Granda, the Project Manager and my supervisor, was supportive in always being open to new projects I was interested in and allowing me to work with a flexible schedule. Moreover, I received guidance from Juliana Marulanda, ScaleTime’s CEO, on how to start a business.

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